Script Consulting

Ray Morton has over ten years experience as a story analyst and script consultant. As a story analyst, he has evaluated feature film screenplays and teleplays for companies such as Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Pandora Cinema, and Castle Rock Entertainment, as well as for a variety of independent producers and for Final Draft’s ScriptXpert service. As a script consultant, he has provided detailed rewrite and script development notes for producers and both professional and aspiring screenwriters. He has also read for several screenwriting competitions, including the Big Break contest, was a member of the final selection jury for the 1998 KASA competition, was a featured panelist at the 2001 Las Vegas Screenwriters Conference, and a panel moderator at the 2006 and 2007 Scriptwriters Showcase conferences.

Morton is available for both professional and private consultation and offers the following services at the following prices:

Basic Read: This service includes a reading of your script and 5 pages of professional format coverage – a review of your script that identifies both its strengths and its weakness and provides an additional analysis of its marketplace potential. Fee: $175.

Notes: The service includes all of the services of a Basic Read, along with 5 additional pages of notes addressing your script’s specific problems and offering suggestions for revision and improvement. Fee: $250.

Tutorial: This service includes one set of Basic Read/Notes on the first draft of your script and two additional readings – one of each of your next two drafts – each accompanied by a follow-up telephone conference in which the progress on your script is reviewed and analyzed. Fee: $500.

For more information or to request services, contact Ray Morton at